CSA Weekly Menu Plan

  • Eat like a Farmer! 

    Each week in your email you will recieve our original and adapted recipes that utilize the diverse array of vegetables you are picking up each week in your CSA.  These will be quick meals with an emphasis on all the fresh ingredients you have.  Each week's plan will guarantee a use for every single veggie in your CSA box, so don't worry about wasting a single item!  Recipes range from breakfast, lunch and dinners to snacks, apps, preserves and ferments.  

    Before the start of the CSA you will receive a pantry list of what you will need to successfully cook our weekly menus.  The following 18 weeks will include a shopping list for that week's meal plan and detailed written instructions and photos for pulling together your delicious meal.  These are tried and true favorites of the Breadseed Farmers and are our go-tos after long days in the field.  All meals are vegetable- centric, with a few seafood items mixed in.